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Leinster U16 & U18 Girl Squads:
78% are GW Hockey Graduates

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We are the largest hockey camp operator in Ireland. We have assembled a team of ...
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Our Players

We are enormously proud of the 96 players who have attended our events and gone on to represent their province or country.

Most recently 78% of the 2015 Leinster U16 + U18 Girls squads were GW Hockey graduates.

1 IRELAND + LEINSTER Abbie Russell GW Camps + Elite Academy
2 IRELAND + LEINSTER Ailish Long GW Elite Academy
3 IRELAND + LEINSTER Alannah Carragher GW GK Clinic + Elite Academy
4 IRELAND + LEINSTER Amber Gleeson GW Elite Academy
5 IRELAND + LEINSTER Ava Beatty GW Elite Academy
6 IRELAND + LEINSTER Ben Campbell GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
7 IRELAND + MUNSTER Ben Johnson GW Drag Flicking Clinic
9 IRELAND + LEINSTER Brian O'Malley GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
10 IRELAND + LEINSTER Christina Hamill GW Elite Academy
11 IRELAND + LEINSTER Conor Empey GW Drag Flicking Clinic
12 IRELAND + LEINSTER David Kane GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
13 IRELAND + LEINSTER David Mawhinny GW Camps
14 IRELAND + LEINSTER Elizabeth Murphy GW Elite Academy
15 IRELAND + LEINSTER Ellen Curran GW Elite Academy
16 IRELAND + SOUTH EAST Ellie McLoughlin GW Elite Academy
17 IRELAND + LEINSTER Emma Canning GW Elite Academy
18 IRELAND + LEINSTER Emma Matthews GW Elite Academy
19 IRELAND + LEINSTER Erika Hinkson GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
20 IRELAND + LEINSTER Freya McDermott GW Camps + Elite Academy
21 IRELAND + LEINSTER George Dagg GW Camps
22 IRELAND + LEINSTER Georgina Spillane GW Camps + Elite Academy
23 IRELAND + LEINSTER Grace McLoughlin GW Camps + Elite Academy
24 IRELAND + LEINSTER Hannah McKay GW Elite Academy
25 IRELAND + LEINSTER Hannah McLoughlin GW Elite Academy
26 IRELAND + LEINSTER Harry Craig GW Drag Flicking Clinic
27 IRELAND + LEINSTER Harry Mac Mahon GW Camps
28 IRELAND + LEINSTER Hugh Lavery GW Camps + GK Clinic
29 IRELAND + LEINSTER Hugo Burns GW Elite Academy
30 IRELAND + LEINSTER Isabelle Delamar GW Camps + Elite Academy
31 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jamie Carr GW GK Clinic
32 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jenna Volpert GW Elite Academy
33 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jenny Long GW Elite Academy
34 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jessica McGirr GW Elite Academy
35 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jodie Douglas GW Elite Academy
36 IRELAND + LEINSTER John Guilfoyle GW Camps
37 IRELAND + LEINSTER Jordan Sutton GW Camps
38 IRELAND + LEINSTER Katherine Egan GW Camps
39 IRELAND + LEINSTER Louise McCollum GW Elite Academy
40 IRELAND + LEINSTER Matteo Romoli GW Camps
41 IRELAND + LEINSTER Natasha Twomey GW Camps + Elite Academy
42 IRELAND + LEINSTER Niamh Shaw GW Elite Academy
43 IRELAND + LEINSTER Nora McDonnell GW GK Clinic + Elite Academy
44 IRELAND + LEINSTER Rory Nichols GW Drag Flicking Clinic
45 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sally Campbell GW Elite Academy
46 IRELAND + LEINSTER Saoirse Clarke GW Elite Academy
47 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sara Quill GW Elite Academy
48 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sara Twomey GW Camps + Elite Academy
49 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sarah Patton GW Elite Academy
50 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sarah Torrans GW Elite Academy
51 IRELAND + LEINSTER Shane Bourke GW GK Clinic
52 IRELAND + LEINSTER Siofra O'Brien GW Elite Academy
53 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sophia Cole GW Elite Academy
54 IRELAND + LEINSTER Sophie Roopsniransingh GW Camps + Elite Academy
55 IRELAND + LEINSTER Susie Kelly GW Camps + Elite Academy
56 LEINSTER Aisling O'Brien GW Camps + Elite Academy
57 LEINSTER Alex Barlow GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
58 CONNACHT Anna McGann GW Elite Academy
59 LEINSTER Christina Hamill GW Elite Academy
60 LEINSTER Cillian Hynes GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
61 LEINSTER Claudia Cotter GW Camps + Elite Academy
62 LEINSTER Clodagh Ferry GW Camps
63 LEINSTER Daniel Ellison GW Camps
64 LEINSTER Darragh Butler GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
65 LEINSTER David Shanahan GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
66 LEINSTER David Winn GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
67 LEINSTER Eric Prehn GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
68 LEINSTER Evie McCollough GW Elite Academy
69 LEINSTER Herbie Fowler Hudson GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
70 LEINSTER Iseult Cambay GW Camps
71 LEINSTER Jack O'Grady GW Camps
72 LEINSTER Jade Arundell GW GK Clinic
73 LEINSTER Johnny Dalrymple GW Camps
74 LEINSTER Jonathan Roberts GW Camps
75 MUNSTER Karen Coombes GW Elite Academy
76 LEINSTER Kate O'Hogan GW Elite Academy
77 LEINSTER Katie Fearon GW Elite Academy
78 LEINSTER Katie Ronan GW Camps + Elite Academy
79 LEINSTER Laura Hanlon GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic + Elite Academy
80 LEINSTER Leah Paul GW Elite Academy
81 LEINSTER Lelia O'Byrne GW Camps + Elite Academy
82 LEINSTER Lisa Mulcahy GW Elite Academy
83 LEINSTER Lucie Wolfe GW Elite Academy
84 LEINSTER Miah Phelan GW Elite Academy
85 LEINSTER Niamh Gowing GW Elite Academy
86 LEINSTER Nina Heisterkamp GW Elite Academy
87 LEINSTER Philippa Cotter GW Camps
88 LEINSTER Riain McDonald GW Camps
89 LEINSTER Ruby Neville GW Camps + Elite Academy
90 LEINSTER Saoirse O'Donoghue GW Elite Academy
91 LEINSTER Sarah Healy GW Elite Academy
92 LEINSTER Sarah Robinson GW Camps + Drag Flicking Clinic
93 LEINSTER Sean Harper GW Elite Academy
94 LEINSTER Sophie Twomey GW Camps + Elite Academy
95 LEINSTER Stephaine Burns GW Elite Academy
96 LEINSTER Tom McLoughlin GW Camps
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